CQ CW 160 Contest Results
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Call: W1XX

Class:  Single Op HP

Time (hrs):  21.7

QSOs = 907  State/Prov = 56  Countries = 50  Score= 323,830

Club:  CTRI Contest Group

Comments:  This is a really fun contest.  The really top contestants have some pretty elaborate stations especially antenna-wise.  But you can have a lot of fun with far less. Sunspots — or the lack thereof — are just now coming into favor for the low bands.  For us in New England, it’s all about working Europe.  First night was not so good, but the 2nd night produced long runs of EU responding to my CQ.  Plus you need to work as many of the states and provinces. The “RI” multiplier is always a boon…took me several hours to work before Ed, W1HI called in.  Only other one was W1OP.  The phone version of this contest comes up the last weekend of the month…so I encourage anyone to give it a shot.  Antenna?  Use whatever you got.  Anyone else posting a score under “comments?”

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  1. 2017 CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW
    Call: W1AN
    Class: Single Op HP
    QTH: USA
    Operating Time (hrs): 10.5
    Total:  QSOs = 552  State/Prov = 54  Countries = 40  Total Score = 174,182
    Club: CT RI Contest Group

    Didn’t put all the time in I would have liked. Seems I am busier than I’ve ever been with house and other projects.

    In preparation I fixed up the beverages in the back 40 before the start. Wires were broken everywhere after the big windstorm brought down branches earlier the week before the contest. Not much noise on the band other than the usual electric fence torture. Ran unassisted and amazingly never came across W1XX! Nice score John!

    80 foot T-vertical with 16 radials.
    2 560 foot beverages.
    K3 and AL1200

    73, John W1AN

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