ARRL DX CW Multi-Op here at W1DX and Results
ARRL DX CW Multi-Op here at W1DX and Results avatar

Looking for operators for this weekend! Get some time in the chair. No charge. RBN will be in use.

w1an @

73, John W1AN

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ARRL DX CW Multi-Op here at W1DX and Results avatar

  1. I surely would like to help out there, John, but again life is getting in the way. I had knee surgery this morning and won’t be able to travel this weekend. Anne doesn’t want me traipsing up and down stairs so probably won’t get much bic time from there either. Hope you get a good turn out. 73, Ken K3IU

  2. I’ll be present from Friday evening through about midnight on Saturday. I won’t be able to stay in the chair that entire time, but I intend to play with enthusiasm. Sunday afternoon, I’ll return to help finish up the event. Monday is a holiday, so I will have so time to recover, but I am just not as young as I once was! K1DM

  3. No worries. We’re not going to set any records. Just planning on having some fun. Hope the surgery recovery lets you climb back in the chair soon!
    73, John W1AN

  4. 2017 ARRL DX Contest, CW
    Call: W1DX
    Operator(s): W1AN K1DM
    Station: W1AN
    Class: M/2 HP
    QTH: CT
    Operating Time (hrs): 26
     Band  QSOs  Mults
      160:  120    56
       80:  303    83
       40:  727   101
       20:  795   105
       15:  369    88
       10:   33    15
    Total: 2347   448  Total Score = 3,142,272
    Club: CT RI Contest Group

    Mike and I decided to run M2 so we both can be fully activated during daytime. No overnight operation here. I’m near useless without sleep. Conditions pretty good on 40M and 20M despite the forecast. Plenty of offtime for sleeping, meals and family. Casual operation with expansion of goals as time marched on. Wonder what we can do here with a fully manned 40 hour operation? Nice results for KI1G SOHP posted on 3830. Congrats Rick.
    All for now. More later….
    73, John W1AN

  5. John/Mike: WOW ! ! That is a helluva score…Multi-2 with 2 operators. Nice going. You had more Qs/mults on 40 than I did in single band operation. 73! — John, W1XX

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