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  1. Good question, Lars. Probably not. But who cares…do it anyway. I’ll be QRV QRP on CW. — John, W1XX

  2. Folks: Just a few reminders for Sweepstakes this weekend (Nov. 7 – 8). The folks at N1MM remind us it’s best to enter the data in pairs, like 39A and 61CT. That way there is no ambiguity between the number and the check. My suggestion is to send “NR” as you start to send the exchange. The PRECedence is the class or category: Q, A, B, U, M, or S. The check (CK) is the year first licensed.

    Here’s a somewhat obvious hint if your CW skills are rusty, but you boldly want to give it a shot. Operate Search & Pounce ( S& P) listening first to your quarry to determine his exchange info.

    Check the ARRL website for the abbreviations of the 83 section multipliers.

    Every little bit helps for crediting CTRI for club competition. Good luck.

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