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I have been texting Carlos over the last couple of days. He and his wife are doing fine.

The antenna farm was completely destroyed.

All 8 towers and associated antennas are gone.

He will be running “under radio silence” for awhile.

With the present conditions on KP4, ham radio is probably his last concern.


Dave W1CTN

Radio Ansonia


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  1. Thanks, Dave, for posting that information. I sent Carlos a couple of emails back in Sept or Oct but never got a response… which was not too surprising. Very glad to hear that he and his wife are safe and sound. I appreciate your sharing that info with the rest of us.
    73, Ken K3iU

  2. It’s good to hear from you Dave, although I wish it was not to get such bad news. As Ken said I’m happy that Carlos and his wife are safe but saddened to hear of the loss of his towers and antennas.

    Pat, NG1G

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