CQ CW 160 Contest: Post Scores Here
CQ CW 160 Contest: Post Scores Here avatar

Call/Op/Station:  W1XX

Class:  Single Op Unassisted HP


Op Time (hrs): 22.5

Summary:  QSOs = 1053  State/Prov = 59   DX Countries = 55

Total Score = 466,944

Club:  CTRI Contest Group

Comments:  Huge DX conditions.  My best score in this FB contest.


3 comments on “CQ CW 160 Contest: Post Scores Here
CQ CW 160 Contest: Post Scores Here avatar

  1. 136–35–4–13,143 in 5 hours, 5 watts to 65’/65′ inverted L with 16 radials

    I haven’t done a lot on 160 bcz having only a qrp SDR often leaves me staring and saying “No way”. (i.e. No Way at 40db over my noise floor, can he not be hearing me ) . But the contests are fun, especially the SP where you get rewarded for the extra patience it takes to work QRP stations. In the SP I checked the band after 0500 and to my amazement worked 5 Europeans, vs. my all time previous total of exactly 1. So I had high hopes for CQ 160. Although as John notes there were some good DX condx Friday, it was not good enough for 5 watts, especially with everyone else piling in. Saturday ought to be easier, but propagation was noticeably worse. Nevertheless CR3DX came back on the 2nd call, my only 10 pointer.
    I also logged NA7TB for the 1st time, as well as WD5R and W7XU. But PJ2T , usually workable, could not hear me on Saturday. A fun CW contest even if the magic didn’t work.– Dave K1SX

  2. Congrats Dave…and hats off to you for your perseverance on running QRP on 160. You gotta be a little bit crazy…but snagging CR3DX, nice going! And working W7XU in SD no small feat…who was my last US state. You are an inspiration to Top Banders. — John, W1XX

  3. Contest: 2018 CQ WW 160 CW
    Call: W1AN
    Category: Single-Op Unassisted
    Location: CT
    Hours: 12

    Very good score John! Wow! And Dave perseverance can pay! I only recall one EU station worked with 5W a few years back. CR3DX was heard before sunset Friday evening. Several other EU stations were also heard early, but they were busy working themselves. I did not play as many hours as I should have, but enjoyed the game.

    QSOs    States & Prov      DX       Total Score
    599     53                 38       181, 181

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