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I’ll start a posting for the results….

I operated about 9.5 hours from home and intended to head for W1AN to help out, however, conditions were pretty poor and I didn’t think the hour + 15 min each way for 2-3 hours BIC time would be that productive. Anyway… here are my results. Feel free to post your results here as a comment. 73, Ken K3IU
Call: K3IU

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 9.5

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    0     0
   80:    3     3
   40:  107    50
   20:  282    75
   15:   46    25
   10:    0     0
Total:  437   153  Total Score = 200,583

Club: CT RI Contest Group

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  1. Call: W1XX
    Op/Station: W1XX

    Class: SOSB/80 HP Non-assisted
    QTH: Quahog Country
    Op Time (hrs): 11.5

    Summary: Band QSOs Mults
    160: 27 18
    80: 385 66
    10: 4 3
    Total: 385 Qs 66 Mults Total Score = 75,834

    Club: CTRI Contest Group

    Comments: Spent too much time watching Olympics. Dropped down to 160 occasionally to help the
    Deserving with RI Q.

  2. 2018 ARRL DX Contest, CW
    Call: W1DX
    Operator(s): W1AN K1DM
    Station: W1AN
    Class: M/2 HP
    QTH: CT
    Operating Time (hrs): 26
     Band  QSOs  Mults
      160:  123    58
       80:  235    70
       40:  591    98
       20:  550   101
       15:  113    46
       10:   29    14
    Total: 1641   387  Total Score = 1,892,430
    Club: CT RI Contest Group

    Enjoyed the time in the chair and the company of Mike K1DM. We did not put in the full 48 hours nor expected to. The conditions were good on the lower bands and a little extra effort was expended on 160M working a few KH6 stations Sunday morning before starting the snow removal. Even worked some JAs on 80M the same morning. Unfortunately the rest of Sunday daytime was real slow, almost a drag until 40 picked up a little and then 80M after sunset. Very few mults were spotted and available most of Sunday.
    73, John W1AN

  3. WOW…great totals on 160. Condx seemed good for the time I was on there. Hope it’s a harbinger of things to come this coming weekend for CQ 160 Phone.

  4. Band QSOs Pts Cty
    1.8 2 6 2
    7 67 201 36
    14 47 141 33
    21 29 87 22
    Total 145 435 93
    Score: 40,455
    Another chance to try the patience of serious contesters around the world. 🙂 I guess the fun of it for me isn’t the score as much as it is getting a good rate going if condx permit, and especially, getting q’s with weak stations that seemingly shouldn’t be possible. With qrp Fri. nitght and Saturday you get beat out a lot. Then I wasn’t able to get on the air Sat. or Sun. morning for the busy times on 20. So I was hoping for more Sat. evening on 40 but it seemed really poor to Europe. However I woke up around 0645z and decided to give it another chance before they got too far into daylight. As soon as I turned it on HA7RY was booming right on the spot and that started a qrp-magic 30 minutes where everyone came back on one call and I even got a few answers to cq’s. Finally, Sun. afternoon produced some interesting stuff on 15.

    I see on 3830 that the best qrp scores are from ops who put in 20+ hours and endure a rate of 10-12 per hour. I sure don’t have that kind of perseverance!
    I heard W1DX, KS1J, K3IU in the action.
    — No VK’s or JA’s heard on my wire; in fact got not a single Asia qso, not even P3X.
    Longest: ZM4T, on both 40 and 15
    QRP to QRP: LZ5W
    Rarest: OA4SS
    Biggest alligator: T48K. I know Caribbean stations struggle with noise, but this was extreme, on 40 and 20 both he had a huge signal and couldn’t hear me.
    Most patient: The PJ2T op on 160 at 08z Saturday. After that I gave up on 160 for this one.

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