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Greetings all

I made the suggested changes to the KE1S QRZ biography especially the QSL info. I thought I would also add some biography info. So I pulled some of the info off  the Home page of this website. However, I noted that the information on this page is pretty out of date and needs revision. It is great history but not relevant today. An it is a tad too long. Anyway,  I am not ready to revise it on my own but suggest that it should be a kind of group effort.  As a starting point I edited it somewhat for QRZ. I am sure this can be improved upon! So take a look at KE1S on QRZ and see what you think.

Meanwhile, I also added the club website link.

BTW, I will also notify the W1 Incoming QSL Bureau not to process incoming QSL cards for KE1S.


Jim KS1J




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  1. I took a look at QRZ.com. We may want to add a link to the WAC RI award, our facebook page and perhaps a few pictures of our group along with a QSL card image. Also I’m don’t believe we still hold any records for our past expeditions to NP3U.

  2. I tried and failed to copy/paste from the CQ WPX RTTY Records web page, but NP3U still holds the high score record Multi-2 for North America from the 2008 contest with a score of 14,053,680 and 894 prefixes.

    I don’t know why I can’t paste anything into this comment box?!?!?!?

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