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  1. W1CTN
    Radio Ansonia will be flying the CTRI flag for NEQP.
    Probably our last event using the T10 log periodic, it’s time for the tower to come down.

    Next stop North Carolina


  2. I will try to do some remote from various stations if they are available .

    Look out for KP4/KE1J, HH2AA and KE1J from WIN CT.

  3. Wish there was an M2 option so more could play here. It’s not much fun just watchin’. Dan N6ERD from San Diego and Mike KB1RFJ are scheduled to be here this weekend. I’ll get some CW in when their voices wear out and on breaks.

    Dave, Lars, we’ll watch for you. Look for us as W1DX. Hope conditions turn out better than forecast.

    There’s a big CW test coming up end of month. The station here will be open for ops. Start making plans!

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