Please Post your CQ WW RTTY Scores
Please Post your CQ WW RTTY Scores avatar

Call: W1DX
Operator(s): W1AN
Station: W1AN

Class: SO(A)AB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 19
Location: USA
Club: CT RI Contest Group


Band	QSOs	State/Prov	DX	Zones
80:	85	31	        17	7
40:	318	45	        44	14
20:	447	35	        72	23
15:	119	6	        42	16
Total:	969	117	        175	60	Total Score	745,536

This was the first contest after nearby lightning took out the K3, several PC’s, TV, Tivo and maybe undiscovered as of yet electronics. This was to be a burn in/trial run of the K3 after replacing the IO boards. The main shack logging PC lost two Com ports in the hit so I reconfigured to use its spares. All appeared well at contest kickoff, but it soon became clear later the PC would not accept audio, locked upped repeatedly, and after several reboots acted as if it was possessed. I had enough for the first night and in the morning and after changing out the PC and transferring the log all was “well” for the remainder except for S9 noise and intermittent internet. Happily the K3 survived the burn-in.

Enjoyed the contest and the Patriots game and others on Sunday. RTTY lets you do that!

5 comments on “Please Post your CQ WW RTTY Scores
Please Post your CQ WW RTTY Scores avatar

  1. Jeeeez, John, sorry to hear of the lightning strike. As you well know, I went thru a similar episode two years ago. It can be a bummer…but glad to hear the station was quickly on the road to recovery.

    Nice also to see posted (separately) score from K1JSM. Nice going John.

    Also glad to see the return of Rick KI1G who I saw spotted often while I was chasing the DX-peditions on CW/SSB. Hope that means we will see Rick more often again.

    Anybody else QRV? — John, W1XX

  2. Follow-up on KI1G: From 3830Scores, Rick is only a smidget behind AA3B for top score HP (A). Rick is ahead
    by a mile on multipliers but so far… behind on Q volume. Not over yet. Atta go, Rick!!!

  3. OK John I’ll post it here!


    Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty SP Pt/Q
    3.5 9 11 2 2 8 1.2
    7 46 80 7 10 18 1.7
    14 88 207 9 29 15 2.4
    Total 143 298 18 41 41 2.1
    Score: 29,800
    About 7 hours, I think

    In the past I’ve found RTTY contesting with 5 watts and a wire to be frustrating even though there’s something addicting about it. Just seemed that only a minority of stations had me strong enough to copy. But this time things were much better and I actually was having some fun, especially on 20 where I seemed to get heard well both in Europe and out west. Also it was the first time I really had N1MM and fldigi working together, for nice lazy logging. Good time, and I didn’t even bother to look at spots, just picked off what I could find. I even ran a few at the end. I couldn’t do anything to the south tho. No SA qsos until P49X with 10 minutes to go. And I can’t believe it, but not a single zone 8. VK4OH was workable on 40 Sun. morning, but I could not cvrack the pileup. Only KI1G for members –only about 20 mins. spent on 80m. 73, Dave

  4. First time in the WPX RTTY in a while. I was on and off over the weekend. Spent much of the time outside. When I got tired of the fall yard work, I came in and got on for a bit. I heard/worked Rick KI1G and W1DX. Did no 80 meters seeing as antennas are in a bit of disrepair, which I hope to remedy by month end.
    Call: KS1J
    Operator(s): KS1J
    Station: KS1J

    Class: SOAB LP
    QTH: RI
    Operating Time (hrs):

    Band QSOs State/Prov DX Zones
    80: 0 0 0 0
    40: 57 19 21 10
    20: 135 13 43 12
    15: 11 1 11 8
    Total: 203 33 75 30 Total Score = 69,414

    Club: CT RI Contest Group


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