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Almost all DX stations are sending cut numbers or shorthand (KW) for their power. I’ve just been entering the literal exchange (5TT, etc). Do I need to convert these to the actual digits before submitting my Cabrillo file?

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  1. Charlie: Maybe someone has a better answer, but to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t matter how you enter the cut numbers. I usually enter just “K” for anyone sending either KW or K. “100” for anyone sending ATT or 1TT. 500 (I stations) for 5TT. 400 (G UK stations) 4TT. Etc. Certainly don’t go thru your log and convert cut numbers to real numbers.

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  2. Hi Charlie,
    that’s my memory too. I think the point is to communicate one’s power level. So ATT and 100 communicate the same thing.

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