Strategies for CQ WW WPX SSB this weekend?
Mike Visich

Any of you “HP grey beards” have any suggestions for us Little Pistols? Other than call CQ often?

Start at 2000 Friday or wait? Single operator has a 36 hour limit
Focus on Europe?
How to track the maximum number of band changes (10) over a 60 minute period?
Wear to point the beam when?
Switch bands with the Grayline over Europe?

quarantined Inquiring Minds want to know!

One comment on “Strategies for CQ WW WPX SSB this weekend?
Mike Visich

  1. Mike,

    Here are my thoughts & suggestions.
    – Any qso outside US is double points on 160 – 40 so a European is 6 points!! and a VE is 4 points
    – Work every US station you hear. Lots of multipliers in the US
    – WPX sometimes feels like a European QSO party. Lots of EU working EU so don’t get discouraged if the EU station you call doesn’t come back to you.
    – I would do mostly S&P on 160 – 40.
    – Call CQ high up in the band on 20.
    – Remember that there are LOTS of multipliers so DON’T get stuck call “that rare DX station” it’s same multiplier value for a rare DX as it is for a KQ2.
    – no limit on band changes when you are single op!!
    – You will most likely be a multiplier!! Don’t think there will be any other NG1 on so call CQ and hopefully someone will spot you and you will get a pile!!!
    – I would do as many hours you can on day 1. The last 12 hours is normally VERY slow!!
    – Be on the 80 and 40 when the Grayline hits EU
    – Go to CQWPX.COM and look at LP scores from last year in W1/W2 and download there logs. Open the logs and see when they was on what band, when they took a break etc. It’s a great tool to look at how they worked the contest last year. See what frequency they got any run on, most likely high up in the band.

    I’m sure this will keep you busy while you are trapped in the house..


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