Proposal for Field Day 2020
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Proposal: Virtual Field Day 2020
By John Lindholm, W1XX

Large sections of the United States and Canada will likely be under lockdown or still practicing “social distancing” in response to COVID-19. This will no doubt have a large negative impact on Field Day 2020 activity. In response, ARRL suggests that participants “try something new…employ a new approach that is in line with our currant conditions.”

I propose that the CTRI Contest Group suggest to ARRL the creation of a special “virtual” category for Field Day 2020. It would preserve the continuity of normal club participation. For example, here’s how it would work for clubs – the mainstay of FD operations.

All operations by club members signing the club’s callsign would be from their individual home stations which would be QRV according to a time block matrix developed within the club – similar to W1AW/# operations in 2014. This could be set up on the club’s website or simply by telephone. The matrix would be designed to allow X number of stations to be on-the-air simultaneously on a different band/mode. The FD exchange would be the same as usual – the number of stations on at the same time and ARRL/RAC section.

Here’s a typical example:
The CTRI Contest Group, KE1S, operates 2020 virtual Field Day in the 2-transmitter class from Rhode Island. Member KS1J is penciled in to operate from home on 20-meter CW from 1800 to 2000 UTC while AA1AC is on from his home on 40-meter SSB at the same time. They both sign the club’s call KE1S. Both send exchange “2A RI” or “2 Alpha Rhode Island.” For uniformity, member K1DM in Connecticut would send “RI.” The rest of the 24-hour matrix would be filled out for all the club members who want to operate.

The free VHF station time blocks could be allocated in the same manner, perhaps in bigger blocks. To honor “social distancing,” the GOTA station (with coach) would probably have to be scrapped. For simplicity the bonus points may best be saved for another year. “Virtual” entries could possibly be differentiated from “real” entries in the score listing results with an asterisk (*). The precise details of implementation of a “virtual” Field Day would best be left to ARRL to determine.

Any suggestions on the validity or tweaking of the concept would be welcomed. Click on “Comment”.

Meeting Notice
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CTRI Contest Group holds its next meeting on Saturday, Oct 19, at 0900 at the North Kingstown (Wickford) Free Library, 100 Boone Street, North Kingstown, 02852.

Agenda: Regular business meeting, reports from committees.

All guests welcome.

Minutes of Members Meeting – Sept 21, 2019
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CTRI Contest Group
Minutes of Meeting Sept. 21, 2019

Meeting Location: N. Kingstown Public Library

Attendees: (14) W1XX, NG1M, K3IU, AB1BX, W1WBB, NZ1I, NA1CN, W1AN, K1JSM, AJ1DM, K1ECU, K1PAD, K1PAM, NG1G

The meeting called to order at 0915 by W1XX, President.
K1JSM was appointed recording secretary for the meeting by the chair.

1. Around the table introductions: name, call, QTH.

2. Officer’s reports: Treasurer & Contest Manager.

3. Donuts & Coffee: next meeting primary donut getter is W1XX; backup is K1JSM.

4. Committee Reports:
W1AN discussed some history re: the scholarship funds.

NG1M presented the scholarship committee’s recommendations, discussion followed. Vote taken and the following approved: the scholarship shall be $1,000 offered every year while funds last, it will be offered through the ARRL to an applicant with a General or Extra license, with first preference to a New England applicant, second preference to any applicant.

NG1G presented the Bylaws Committee’s recommendations for changes having to do with the club’s disbandment and disposition of assets — should that ever become necessary. Discussion followed with suggestions offered. Taking these under advisement, in accordance with the C & BL, the recommendations will be revisited at the next meeting and MAY be presented for approval of the membership.

5. Election of officers for 2020. The following were elected:
President, Charlie Estabrooks, K1ECU
Vice President, Bill Bliss, W1WBB
Secretary, Pat Atwood, NG1G
Treasurer, Mike Visich, NG1M
Contest Manager, Dave Eckerson, K1SX

Meeting adjourned at 1115.
Submitted by J. Mills, K1JSM

Members Meeting
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Saturday’s Sept 21 meeting, 9 – 11 AM at the NK Library venue as usual. Important business meeting: Reports and recommendations from both the Scholarship and Constitution/By-Laws Committees.

Also ELECTION OF OFFICERS. If you are not there, you will be an officer in 2020!
Please consider offering your services to the club. Coffee/Donuts.

Members Meeting, Sat Aug 24th
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CTRI Contest Group holds its next meeting on Saturday, Aug 24, at 0900 at the North Kingstown (Wickford) Free Library, 100 Boone Street, NK, 02852.

Agenda: Regular business meeting, reports from committees, and SURPRISE PRESENTATION by John, W1XX

All guests welcome. You don’t want to miss this.

CTRI Field Day 2019
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CTRI Field Day 2019
By John Lindholm, W1XX

When: Saturday/Sunday – June 22 – 23. All hands on deck at 9 AM Saturday.
Note: FD is NOT the last weekend. Field Day is always held on the 4th weekend in June.

Where: Seagrave Memorial Observatory, 47 Peeptoad Road, North Scituate, RI 02857

This year marks the 5th year that CTRI operates Field Day on an annual basis at the Seagrave Memorial Observatory in North Scituate. We are indebted to Skyscrapers who have continued to ask us back.

Having developed this operation as pretty much a routine drill, we have not needed to over-plan it as in recent years. Everyone just pitches in as before. But we welcome first-timers.

A couple of things have been worked on diligently behind the scenes in preparation. TNX to W1AN and K1ECU, we expect to have a viable satellite station effort. TNX to W1AN and K1SX, we will have a viable FT8 6-meter operation. TNX to the efforts of K1HSY, K1DM, K1JSM, one will find the so called “back 40” area – home to the 40/20 mega wire antenna – cleared out of brush to a far greater degree than in previous years, making antenna installation far easier than in previous years.

Let’s touch on the particulars:
Call: KE1S
Category: 2A This means we are in the 2 transmitter class with 2 HF stations – usually one on CW and one on SSB @ 100 watts with set up of radios/computers by W1AN with K3IU. Plus we will have a “free” 6-meter station on SSB/FT8 with K1SX overseeing operation. Plus a satellite station with K1ECU in charge.
Antennas: 4-el 20M/2-el 40M wire beam; 20/15/10 “Folding Antennas” Hex-beam; 80M dipole; 6M Moxon; Satellite antenna.
Power: Honda 2000 generator with NG1M in charge; Solar panel by K1DM.
Commissary Duties: NG1M chief cook and bottle washer. See separate posting on human fueling.
Safety Officer: K1HSY.
Philosophy of operation: We strike a balance between striving for a high contest score utilizing our best operators while giving everyone the opportunity to operate regardless of skill and experience level. Split earphones capability with a second op monitoring has also proved helpful. FD Chairman W1XX posts a clipboard operating schedule. We welcome everyone’s participation however they may contribute. It takes many hands to set up as well as take down – an issue respected by all in previous years.
Time: Some may have family obligations that cut into their time to give. We can live with that. Do what you can. Overnight ops are usually sparse. We’re indoors so if you can stay overnight, bring a cot/sleeping-bag. Want to invite some other hams? By all means!
Field Day has proven to be the premier operating event of the year for CTRI. We’ll see everyone at 9 AM sharp Saturday, June 22.

“CQ Field Day.”

Field Day Menu
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We need help if you want fuel up on Field Day. The boxes in bright yellow are unfilled and needed. Please contact Mike Visich, NG1M, at or (401) 782-6536‬.

Click on the image to see expanded & readable copy.


Meeting Notice
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The next regular meeting of the CTRI Contest Group:
Saturday May 11 @ 0900.
Kingstown Library, 100 Boone Street, N. Kingstown, 02852
Presentation: Portable Operations and Island Activations by John Mills, K1JSM and Willy Maclean, W1LY