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Hi All,

I have began the process of downsizing my station and am looking to start selling off some of the equipment.

I have a Yaesu FT-1000D with: RTTY/CW Serial Interface, CAT computer control cable, FRB-757 External Keying Relay and Top Ten Band Decoder with all interface cables. Asking $1400 for the package.

The FT-1000D has been part of many contest winning efforts and has many more left in it. This is still one of the best contesting radios available.

I also have an AL-1200 that I am looking to sell, this one has a new band switch and is fine working condition. Power on to full transmit power in 13 seconds, all weekend on RTTY, no problem. Asking $1300

If you are interested in both, let me know and we can work out a CTRI bundle price.

Towers, Antennas and much more to follow.


Rick KI1G

W1AW/1 RI operating times available
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Hi all,


Where is the time disappearing to. Just a reminder that the W1AW/1 operation from RI starts this Tuesday night at 20:00 local and runs for 1 week. I will have 3 stations up and running from my QTH. If anyone looking is for a place to operate from I do still have slots open, drop me an email with your availability and I will find you some  airtime.


Rick KI1G


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Hi all,

Hope everyone is surviving the summer heat, keep in mind that CQWW RTTY is 2 months away. I am considering a M/2 from my place to give the W1AN team some competition. Looking for operators, if interested let me know. If there is not enough interest I will SOA once again.


Rick KI1G

2012 ARRL RTTY Roundup is coming soon
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Hi everyone and Happy Holidays


Just a reminder that the 2012 ARRL RTTY Roundup is just a couple of weeks away. This is one of the more popular RTTY contests and it does not require an entire weekend commitment. The contest is 30 hours long of which single op’s may operate 24 hours. Lots of stations to work and alot of DX participation as well. Full rules at


Hope to hear some CTRI activity in the contest.



Rick KI1G

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From what I heard when I had the opportunity to operate, the bands sounded good. Congrats Ken on an excellent score.

Single op assisted


Rick KI1G


QSOs QSO points Zones Countries Multipliers Score

160m: 4 10 4 4

80m: 42 102 14 30

40m: 184 532 24 78

20m: 112 313 28 80

15m: 160 462 28 91

10m: 110 303 28 94

Totals:612 1722 126 377 503 866166