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Good morning, all:

CTRI CG Booth at Boxboro

The 2010 ARRL New England Convention will be held at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough, MA, on August 27-28-29, 2010. As in the past, the CTRI Contest Group will have spaces in the flea market area. Two years ago, the club realized a fairly substantial contribution to offset our operating expenses from the sales at the flea market site from the 10% or more contribution from sales.

This year, our main presence will be at the Flea Market site. Please see the minutes of the meeting on 7/24/2010 for more details. The Flea Market will be open on Saturday and Sunday.

If you have anything that you want to sell at the flea market from the club’s site, please let me know and please make a list which includes:

*What you are selling. Please assign a number to each item
*Your initial asking price
*What you would sell for initially (don’t forget that people negotiate at these events)
*What you would sell for 2 hours before closing or an absolute minimum price
*If you are selling a transceiver, state condition, configuration(filters, ATU, etc)
*Do you have a manual, if appropriate
*If you have a cell phone, please put number on list so you can be contacted.
*Anything else you think important

Please put a sticky label on each item with your call sign on it and a number that relates to the list above, and the initial asking price.

If you have things you would like to sell, but cannot attend the convention, please put a notice on the reflector and see if someone can arrange to take it up to Boxborough for you. If arrangements can be made, please include a copy of the listing mentioned above with your stuff and also send a copy to me.

I will attempt to prepare a composite listing of the items in the listing that you send to me. This will be used by those manning the flea market site.

Please send the information to me either via the reflector or directly to k3iu @

Ken Wagner K3IU
Portsmouth, RI

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