Club Apparel: Hats Order
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Hi Guys, At last Saturday’s meeting a consensus was reached that I
should order new ball cap style hats for club members. Tees Plus does
not have a public type store, but I met with the sales manager for over
an hour and went over the many types and styles and colors of hats
available. There are probably hundreds..But, in the end, I tried to
match as best as possible.those bought about 5 years ago. They will be
navy blue with white trim, white button on top and a velcro adjustment
band. They will have CTRI in red capital embroidered letters on front.
The price for each hat is $9.00 which includes CT sales tax. I will
pick up the hats when they will be available in 2 weeks. Thus, there is
no shipping charge. I’ve ordered enough for all our active members. Yes,
you will want one. And in time for Boxboro!

The red lettering is a good choice, but possibly orange would stand out
better? If I hear from 4 members tonight that they would prefer orange
lettering, I will change the lettering for all to orange in the morning.
We have only a couple days to decide.

Tees Plus has an infinite number of choices for apparel. Some real
quality goods. There are minimum quantity orders for embroidered items
and larger minimums for silk-screened items. Let me know if there is
interest in jackets, knitted shirts (with pockets), all with embroidered
logos.. You can get some idea of what’s available on the website, but I have the one inch thick catalog. The prices shown on
line do NOT include the custom embroidery or silk-screening. As the art
work gets complex the price goes up.

73 de John W1AN