How to post officer reports
How to post officer reports avatar

The site has been set up to present officer reports in an easy to find way for the members. If you follow these steps everything will work well:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select Posts > Add New
  2. Type in the Title of your post, e.g., Minutes of July 24, 2010
  3. Now you may either type your report directly into the edit input box, or you may copy the text you have previously prepared in, for example, WORD. If you choose the latter then:
    1. open the WORD document in Microsoft WORD or in Open Office Word and select the entire text and enter CTL-C to copy it.
    2. Then position the cursor in the Add New Post edit input box.
    3. Now look in the second line of icons above where you placed the cursor (if you only see one line then go to the right end of that line and you will see an icon that looks like three lines of tiny icons, click it (it is called kitchen sink)) for the icon that looks like a clipboard with a blue W in a box. Click this and another box opens.
    4. Place your cursor in this box and press CTL-V to paste the text copied from WORD.
    5. Press Insert and the text will be inserted into the Post edit box preserving the formatting from Word.

If you are typing your report directly into the Post edit box you can, obviously, ignore all those steps. The choice is yours.

Now scroll down to “author” and choose your call.

Go on down to “Categores” and choose “Columns”.

Continue down to “Post Tags”, press “Choose from the most used tags” and choose your office from the list.

Now scroll back up to the blue “Publish” button. Press it and your report is made available to the members.