COOKIES !! March 12, 2011 Meeting Notice
COOKIES !! March 12, 2011 Meeting Notice avatar

The theme of this meeting is COOKIES!!

Why cookies you ask? Will, K6ND, is imposing on the good nature of his XYL (and premier distaff contester), Pamela, K6NDV, to bring her famous cookies. Not to be outdone, Bob W1YRC is making a batch of his West Texas Chocolate Chips cookies too. This is truly a meeting not to be missed by cookie lovers! My recommendation is to skip breakfast so as not to waste stomach capacity on lesser foods.

Meeting place: Crandall House at 11am to 2pm

At the moment of posting the following presentations are scheduled. Check back often for additions to this agenda.

  1. W1XX to announce and promote:  “Operation NEQP:  1 Million or Bust”?
  2. K1DM  presentation on his Morse code training regime. He will also do a TEST RUN using the RufzXP program to let everyone see another way to improve their code proficiency. There is much of interest about Mike’s methodology that this short description fails to do justice to.
  3. W1YRC will give a presentation on the way his other club is approaching lifting the level of technical expertise of members and prospective members. It is an unusual way to make real hams out of people who hold a license but whose understanding of ham radio or electronics comes mainly from the license manual.

Lunch by Chris, KA1GEU  Coffee by John, W1AN, ice cold milk by Pat, NG1G

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12 comments on “COOKIES !! March 12, 2011 Meeting Notice
COOKIES !! March 12, 2011 Meeting Notice avatar

  1. Well, if we’re going to have cookies, we will need milk. I’ll bring a gallon of 2% milk and some cups.

    There will be some risk to attending the meeting, and not just because of the sweets. If Mike’s presentation is successful I’ll be convinced to actually learn CW again.

    It will be a great meeting!

    Pat, NG1G

  2. Pam K6NDV, Will K6ND and I will be bringing a selection of oatmeal-raisin and chocolate chip-pecan-bourbon cookies with us to the meeting and if we don’t eat them all on the trip down to Exit 1 of Route 95, all y’all (Texas talk) will have a chance to taste them. The recipe for the choc-pecan cookies was developed in North Texas but Texas is a very large state.
    So for head count purposes, we will be a party of three (3).

    73 and hope to see you on the 12th,
    Bob, W1YRC

  3. As Bob stated we will bringing a assortment of cookies.
    If time allow and if any interest I will bring a short PPT form building the station and lay out of the SO2R setup, based on the KK1L Switch/Band decoder; YCCC SO2R+; and 2X KK1L switch / 2X Icom Band decoders for the BPF setup (completely automatic including By Pass option)
    Looking forward to the meeting

    Will and Pamela
    K6ND & K6NDV

  4. So far it looks like the following are attending:


    Is anyone else planning to attend?

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