EME Contact at 600THz
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This is a bit off topic but it has been my observation (no pun intended) that many Hams are interested in astronomy. To that end some of you may be interested in Earth’s Moon’s closest approach (perigee) in its orbit of our home world occurring this Saturday just before sunset. Thus the full moon which occurs at sunset will appear larger than usual. The coincidence of perigee and the full moon occurs once every 18 years.

More information may be seen by visiting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1yalg_Apdw

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  1. Thanks Ed. I heard about this just yesterday and I might take my camera down to the shoreline at sunset/moonrise on the 19th. That’s right in the middle of the Russian DX contest, though, and if things are going well, I might skip the moon. I’ll catch it on the next cycle. 🙂

    Oh… did you intend for the URL to be a clickable link???

    73, Ken K3IU

  2. Ken,

    You have my permission to take a break at Sunset and go outside and look at the moon! K1DM

  3. And the weather is supposed to be perfect too. I think I’ll make ready my film camera.

    Pat, NG1G

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