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The equinox period is a good time to hear and work the VKs on Top Band.  For example, this morning starting at about 6 AM EDST, the following VKs were heard:  VK6GX, VK6HD, VK3ZL.  These are regulars on 160 with good signals. VK3ZL answered my CQ at 6:30 local.  But VK6HD was a real 599 at 6:30.  I have no doubt that 100 watts would make it through at this time of the year.  Also for the first time, I was nearly astonished to hear BU2AQ on 1810.5 from 6:45 – 6:55…the first time I have heard him on Top Band.  I called but my experience with hearing him on 80 before is that he does not hear very well.  AA1K — a virtual beacon on 160 every morning — called him but AQ kept getting his call as K1AA.  Too bad!  I’ll listen again tomorrow and see if there is any hope of getting through. We probably only have another week or two of DX condions to the Pacific, so if any of you have Pacific DX aspirations on Top Band, start listening about 6 AM local or even a little earlier.  Things peak up about 6:45 AM.  GL!!  3/23/2011



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  1. John,
    This morning I had a noise level S9 up to S9+40 at times on 160m. I didn’t hear much CW (any). It wasn’t so bad on 80, but there still were not many signals. I went on up to 40 where things were normal. ???

    Mike, K1DM

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