SB-220 On Swapmeet
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I see K3IU has listed a Heathkit SB-220 amplifier — apparently with few hours on it and nice upgrades — on Swapmeet.  This is a wonderful amplifier when converted for 6-meter DXing.  Those who have visited my shack have seen that I use one on 6-meters with great results.  Mine was converted by K1JX for use during VHF mountaintopping days….so it has made a lot of VHF contesting QSOs.  It puts out a KW easily on the Bird wattmeter.  If needed I  can probably get the details of how mine was converted.  I think there is a guy in CT who does it for a price (Google it).  Anyyway, when 160 craps out soon, you will see 6-meters start to open up.  Making DX contacts to Europe on 6-meters is pretty exciting.  During the peak summer season you will find the band open to CT3 and EA8 almost every day.  Then there is the ARRL June VHF Contest and CQ VHF Contest in July that gets a lot of stations QRV (and they both count for the CTRI Championship).  GL with the sale, Ken!