Meeting Notice — April 16, 2011
Meeting Notice — April 16, 2011 avatar

The next meeting will be held April 16 at a place to be announced later. Location depends upon the success of an experiment to provide internet access at the Crandall House.

So far we have:

  1. Pat on LOTW.
  2. Mike on Improving CW second checkpoint.
  3. W1XX on the Million or Bust contest.
  4. W1PN on the new website.
  5. WRTC 2014  please read before meeting
  6. Demo of How to Skin a Cat

At the March meeting interest was expressed in seeing presentations on all of the popular logging programs.If you have something to present on this subject or any other please step forward now.

Is there a volunteer for providing the lunch makings?



4 comments on “Meeting Notice — April 16, 2011
Meeting Notice — April 16, 2011 avatar

  1. Ed,

    I will bring the computers and we can do round 2 of the RufzXP competition. I do not need internet for that! K1DM

  2. I would like to do a “LoTW Workshop” as disussed at the last meeting. That will require the intertubes for sure. Before I commit to that though, I will post a message asking if there is enough interest to bother with it.

    Pat, NG1G

  3. W1XX will be there with a SHORT recap of the “NEQP 1 Million or Bust” challenge. So far 18 club members have committed to participate. FB!! 73!

  4. John,

    As part of your NEQP session I believe it would be appropriate to lead a discussion on contest strategy for achieving high scores. Sort of like the discussion you moderated last year where you ‘salted’ the discussion with enough points to stimulate others to pitch in with their own experiences.


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