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At the last meeting we discussed the possibility of having a LoTW “workshop” for members who need some assistance. I’d like to get an idea if there is some support for this idea before we commit to a location for the meeting (we will require internet access).

How many people would take advantage of this workshop if offered? Please let me know as soon as possible.

If there’s enough interest I’ll contact those members about their specific needs to make sure all the prerequisites are met so I can help them (received post card with password for LoTW access, have files to be uploaded, etc.).


Pat, NG1G

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  1. I would like you to give your LoTW presentation. Though I’m now on LoTW, I find UPLOADS still “iffy.” TNX! 73! — John, W1XX

  2. Count me in too. I haven’t been able to convince the darn thing that my call has changed.

    Ed W1PN

  3. I’m all hooked up, but I can help. If you’d like, I can collect all the issues, and then talk to the LoTW people at ARRL, and bring answers to the meeting.


  4. With just a few responses to my request it seems as though there isn’t a huge need for a LoTW workshop, but it would still be useful to some. So I still plan on having it at our next meeting. John, W1XX, Ed, and John, K1JSM (he emailed me separately), may be the tip of the iceberg.

    John (W1XX) – what part of the upload process if “iffy” for you? Is it getting the log signed prior to uploading? If so, I’ll need you to save your certificate and bring it with you along with a log file (.adi) so I can load it into my TQSLCert program and show you how to sign a log file. Also please remember to write down your LoTW user name and password and bring them with you if you don’t remember them.

    Ed – we should be able to handle your issue pretty easily. You’ll also need to bring your LoTW user name and password.

    John (K1JSM) – if you just need a demonstration, that will be easy. If there’s a list of specific things you want to see we can hit those items, or I can just give an overview and we’ll take it from there.

    If anyone else would like to see a certain aspect of the program I will make sure to include that in the workshop. Please try to let me know ahead of time, as there are parts of LoTW that I either do not use frequently or at all, and would like time to get up to speed on them.

    Pat, NG1G

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