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I’m happy to report that K1SD is now storing Rohn 25G vertically.  Its been horizontal for ~10 years.  Put up a ~9′ foot section in concrete  and a 10′ section the past weekend.  The house bracket is next followed by another 10′ plus a pointy top section (~9′).  Total height ~37′ topped with a CC A4S.


Progress !!


73 / k1sd / Jim / Rhode Island

3 comments on “K1SD Tower
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  1. That is good news, Jim! Please let us know when you’re ready to put some horizontal aluminum on that tower!

    Pat, NG1G

  2. Jim,

    Great news. Let us know when you need some help. We’re great supervisors, and pack mules too.

    73, Mike, K1DM

  3. That’s great news Jim.

    I believe this is the first reported research on the effect of aging on tower sections. Let us hope that, like fine wine, aging improves the quality of your signal.

    73, Ed, W1PN

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