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  1. Thanks Ken for posting the ARRL Sweepstakes results (both CW and Phone) for CTRI CG. I note with interest that the on-line “Expanded Results” article for SS-SSB shows final Affiliated Club Competition results crediting CTRI with *14 entries* (as opposed to 5 in the on-line database as you show above) and *857518* total club points…I’m guessing 9 other ops split their club points giving our final totals a big lift – an additional 600k pts! Is this the likely cause??

    Also, my modest effort in SS-SSB as SOLP is listed as top New England score for that category…I was quite surprised to be a winner (by only 850 pts, 16+ Q’s and 2 less sections)! I only operated a little over half the fully allowed op-time and have nothing rotatable/highly directional on 10-15-20m; only wires. Moral: always submit your entry; you never quite know if you’ll be a winner.

    73, Bill W1WBB

  2. Apparently, the ARRL combines the results of the CW and Phone segments of the Sweepstakes. There were nine(9) entries in CW and five(5) entries in Phone for a total of 14 entries and about 800K points for CTRI.

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