CTRI Championship Leaderboard
CTRI Championship Leaderboard avatar

Here is the latest update by our intrepid Contest Manager of the CTRI Championship Leaderboard.

Clicking on the link below should allow you to download the file so that you can open it with Microsoft Office Excel or the Open Office equivalent.


CTRI Champions Leaderboard


2 comments on “CTRI Championship Leaderboard
CTRI Championship Leaderboard avatar

  1. At one time in the past, I knew how to create a link like the one above that would take you directly to the Windows download applet. Obviously, I’ve forgotten how to do that. Whan you click on the above link, it will open another page which also has a link with the same name. Clicking on *that* link will then open up the Windows download window.

    Ken K3IU

  2. Don’t be caught after the fact saying: “I couldda been a contendah.” The current leaders are: for HP…as described by NG1G at the meeting…”The Howitzer” …namely, KI1G; for LP…KS1J with a substantial lead; and for QRP, there does not seem to be much going on; and the subjective Tenderfoot category seems to be wide open for someone to step up. The NEQP may be just the right venue for someone to make a statement.
    — John, W1XX

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