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Published by K3IU for John, W1XX.

In the coming few days leading up to the New England QSO Party (NEQP), we’ll be posting what I hope are helpful tips on maximizing your NEQP score.  I’ve been NEQPing since 2003 and have seen it grow and morph into my favorite contest of the year.


Before we hit today’s topic, I want to first thank John, K1JSM, of Bristol for  his nice e-mail. In announcing his intention to help CTRI score “1-million,” John will operate “from a modest station and limited contest experience.”  Bravo, John!  You epitomize what this quest is all about.  First and foremost the challenge is for everyone in the club to participate to whatever extent possible.  John says he may also go over to the W1AN multi-single on Sunday.


On to today’s topic:  There are three other contests the same weekend [May 7 – 8] that  can assist your NEQP score.   First 7QP – the 7-land QSO Party.  This will already be in progress when NEQP starts at 4 PM.  There will be lots of 7s on calling CQ both on CW and SSB.  Early on work as many 7s as you can to get the somewhat difficult state multipliers like WY and NV.   7QP is over at 3 in the morning Sunday – so better to work the 7-land multipliers on Saturday while they are plentiful. Their exchange also includes county-state; log the state.


The Italian “ARI DX Contest:” This is an everybody works everybody DX contest, so this is the best way to work DX country multipliers. There will not be a lot of DX stations in NEQP per se, so working them in ARI will boost your multiplier country count, especially Europe. Propagation to Europe will be best all day Sunday ‘til 4 PM when ARI is done.  20 should be hopping with European ARI stations at our re-start time of 9 AM Sunday.  Keep a side tally number sheet (starting with #1), as you need to send a serial number to stations in ARI…but also send your county/state exchange as required by NEQP.  I’ve even resorted occasionally to calling “CQ ARI.” Working those European DX multipliers will make a big difference in your score.


Next:  INQP, the Indiana QSO Party.  There will be lots of INQP activity to give you contacts.  They are big on mobiles.  I’ve even worked bicycle mobiles!  But it’s only one multiplier (IN), so don’t work INQPers to the exclusion of other potential multipliers. Work ‘em on Saturday as INQP is done at midnight.


Be on the lookout for our next upcoming topic to help boost your score:  “NEQP:  Phone vs. CW.”




— John, W1XX

CTRI Contest Mangler

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  1. NEWS FLASH (Ap 18, 2011):: THE 2010 NEQP RESULTS HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED. Tom, K1KI, does a great job of writing interesting detailed results of the NEQP. This is must reading to get all amped up for the 2011 contest. There are nice plugs for CTRI (1st again), W1WBB, and our “1-Million” quest is apparently news out on the street. Check it out at: 73! — John, W1XX

  2. Congratulations to John, W1XX for taking the plaque for SO/Qrp – New England, and Bill, W1WBB for taking the plaque for SO/LP – RI, AND to the club for taking the New England Club award!

    It seems the word is out that we are mounting a big effort this time around…

    Pat, NG1G

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