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Outstanding to see the total club claimed scores now at well north of 1 Meg.  A few of us have already submitted our scores electronically.  There is a “logs received” area at the NEQP website (click on “results” tab; then click on “logs received”) to verify your log indeed arrived.

Congrats to Jeff K1NEF who I heard on CW numerous times running stations very impressively, as well as Chris KA1GEU doing the same on SSB…great job guys.

…and Jack K2RS (aka KR1CW) — your wires were singing too.

Sorry to John ‘XX — reversed my 75m phone freqs and missed you.  Thanks for the many Q’s and motivation to stay in the chair.

Worked W1AN in the last minute Saturday night on CW;  found K1DM and W1FH on CW in last minutes Sunday eve…good timing fellas.

INCREDIBLE to see Rick’s (KI1G) score around *100k pts more* than the previous NEQP all-time HP record…and Jim KS1J in the vicinity of the LP record.  Amazing ops/stns/efforts!

It was fun to be a part of a great team effort for NEQP 2011.  Now time to ensure your log is properly received.

Correction to my CW QSO count provided in my original 3838 claimed score post…final total points remain correct:

New England QSO Party

Call: W1WBB
Operator(s): W1WBB
Station: W1WBB

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: NEWport cty, RI
Operating Time (hrs): 18.5

Band  CW-Dig Qs  Ph Qs
80:     99        1
40:    230       88
20:    220       37
15:     48        2
10:      2        2
Total:    599      130  Mults = 74  Total Score = 98,198

Club: CT RI Contest Group


Propagation conditions for high bands seemed somewhat below average for recent
months during the solar cycle upswing for my modest LP/wires station…my SSB
totals particularly show the story.  40m and 80m were relatively QRN quiet for
this time of year, especially Sunday.

S&P’d more on Saturday to work the 7QP and INQP folks who would not be around
on Sunday.  Exchanged 45+ serial #’s with ARI participants during weekend.
Worked 43 US states, 6 VE provinces and 25 DX.

Put in alot of chair-time along with many fellow CT/RI CG members in hopes of
establishing new club record score.

Thanks to all the in-region , out-of-region and DX participation this year.

Bill  W1WBB

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  1. Re NEQP “Logs Received” list — It sez logs received for 2010 NEQP as of June 7, 2010. Where is the Logs Received list for 2011 NEQP? I have not received an e-mail CFM for log submitted yesterday. — John, W1XX

  2. No e-mail confirmation yet here either John. You are correct…at this time the *2011* Logs Received List does not YET appear on http://www.NEQP.org — website home page says it will appear soon. FB effort in NEQP from ‘XX…way to go. Bill W1WBB

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