NEQP Results – K1DM
NEQP Results – K1DM avatar

Well, Gang, here’s my results. I ended up with one less Q than last year, but the multipliers were up substantially, so I bettered last years low-power winning score for New London County! That’s the good news.

The bad news was I didn’t get everything set up the way I had wanted, so I ran unassisted on low power. The refurbished SB-200 is now sitting on the operating table waiting for me to figure out the QSK box and the correct timing.  Additionally, the TS-930 is sitting in the other room waiting for some serious trouble shooting. Fortunately, the mobile rig, TS-480SAT was pressed into service, and did a great job. I put just over six hours in the chair, but only three of them were worth much of anything. I finally settled down on 40 CW with about 2 hours to go, and went to town.

The really bad news is that N1MM was definitely not my friend this weekend. At first it wouldn’t key the radio, and then, for a reason that I have not yet discovered, it would not key the radio on 80 or 20. I also had trouble with KS1J’s call and exchange. The program would not permit me to log Jim’s call until I finally discovered that you have to use the five-letter exchange for any county that has a duplicate in another New England state. I thought that had been fixed. At any rate, a paper and pencil helped solve that problem.

It was great to work so many CTRI stations. I never remember working so many.  The best part of that is that each QSO between club members counts twice for our club score!:)

Anyway, it was a blast to sit here at home at my station running stations on 40 meters CW. It should be ever better when I get the Amp running – and then the new antennas – and then a new set of ears.

Mike, K1DM

Call: K1DM
Operator(s): K1DM
Station: K1DM

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 7

Band CW-Dig Qs Ph Qs
80:     1        5
40: 139    28
20:      3       3
15:    51       1
10:     0       0
Total: 194     37       Mults = 64         Total Score = 27,200

Club: CT RI Contest Group