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This is a copy of an email sent by W1AN in December:

[ctricg] 2011 CTRI Meeting Calendar and Programs

The following Saturdays will be reserved for the 2011 meetings. There
should be no conflicts with the major contests. Please note that Feb 5
will be for the After Holiday luncheon. I think the consensus is that we
should have this again at Greggs’s in North Kingston and that Chuck
volunteered to spearhead the effort. and get room and menu information.
We can see what the menu costs are to decide how much the club can chip
in to level the cost to a reasonable amount.

The Crandall House is now available We will look into the possibility of
internet access. I will provide the coffee/ donuts for the meetings.
Lunch will be brought by member volunteers and a donation can will be
available for costs. Please advise at the prior meeting and on yahoo if
you will be providing food.

Jan 8
Feb 5 After holiday Luncheon
Mar 12
Apr 16
May 14
June 11
July 23
Aug 13
Sep 17
Oct 22
Nov 12
Dec None

We are always looking for programs. If you have a small project you are
working on or some ham related experience you would like to share with
the group it will be welcome. I would like EACH member to prepare at
least one small presentation. I now have an lcd projector available to
help with your presentation.

Some Ideas for programs:
Terrain modeling for antenna performance
Antenna modelling EZNEC
Simple 160M antennas
Remote antenna switching
SO2R contesting
Ham Radio Deluxe
Writelog FKeys Setup
Network Analyzer Use/Antenna analyzer Use
Photo Slide Shows
My greatest antenna
My Shack
Hints and Kinks
Contest Aids
CW Practice
Contest College
IARU NE Contest Participation

73, John W1AN

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  1. John,
    Thanks for the update. Apparently I missed this when it was first posted. I hope everything is going well at your place. We’re back home for a couple months now!:)
    I’m going to see what I can get done on antennas etc.

    73, Mike, K1DM

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