“Night of Nights”
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Here’s an interesting article in today’s New York Times on the “Night of Nights”, commemorating the last broadcast from station KPH in California.


The article contains links on the left side to an accompanying slide show of 10 pictures and audio of the anniversary message.


Pat, NG1G


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  1. Pat,

    I actually visited KPH back in 1971, when they were still going strong. The Coast Guard has a receiving site at Point Reyes, on the same road as KPH. The transmitter site is in Bolinas, down the coast about 20 miles. In my opinion, Point Reyes is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire world. It would be an amazing QTH, sticking out into the pacific ocean some 20 miles, occupied by amazing sea birds and beautiful scenery. By the way, if you decipher the Morse code messages, the text that is printed does not match what is sent. There is a period in the text but the code sends a comma.???
    Mike, K1DM

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