A Tale of Three Winches
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No, Ed, that’s three winches not wenches that were used to raise the W1XX 160 Meter Vertical from the dead…SUCCESSFULLY!!  TNX to a great club turnout for the meeting and to assist with the antenna raising in South County.  It was a total group effort with the heavy lifters (NG1G and W1CTN), winch crankers, spotters, rope untanglers, screamers, etc….a fine job indeed.  Top Band conditions were not particularly good this mornming at SR, but the first contact was with T32C who was not hearing anyone very well. But we got through.  SWR is less than 2:1 from below 1800 to 1975 (!)…with the peak resonant frequency of 1:1 at 1880 — a little higher than I would like but will work just fine.  I may do a little adjustment at the base or tighen up the top loading wires a bit to drop the resonant frequency down just a tad.  It seems a good time was had by all.  TNX to CTRI for its usual great effort — which is much appreciated.   Can you post some pix, Ed?  73!!

— John, W1XX


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