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Seems I didn’t read the “Comments” section of the W1DX report for the RTTY contest and thus missed the following FB scores:  K3IU, KS1J, KI1G.  Sorry, fellas, we’ll update the spread sheet the next time around.  73!


— John, W1XX


PS:  Small update on the 160 vertical:  Simply tightening up the T wires by pulling the support ropes down only two feet on each side, dropped the resonant frequency by 20 KHz to 1853…closer to the target of about 1825.  I find it surprising that making the T wires  just a tad more horizontal (less droop) made such a significant change.  I may tighten them up just bit more to see what happens.  Bottom line:  it’s a beautiful thing!

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  1. Maybe that’s why mine has a lower resonant freq then what we calculated. There is next to no sag in my horizontal wire, since its holding up the vertical piece.
    Chris, KA1GEU

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