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Hi Gang! The CTRI Yahoo Groups site we enjoyed for many years has seen little use since the start up of our new website with its much greater functionality and appearance. (Thank you Ed!)

The future of the Yahoo site is in your hands! Soon we will decide its fate and your comments are requested. But for now, we are in need of a new owner for the yahoo site since the loss of our friend Ernie, N1SW a couple of year ago. I’ve posted a poll on the yahoo site for members to make their selection among a few moderators who volunteered for the position. The new owner will be able to make the necessary change decided by our discussion and  a vote to be proposed at the next meeting on November 12. Please login to yahoo and make your choice! The final tally selection will be forwarded to the executive at yahoo who can implement the change.


John, W1AN

4 comments on “CTRI Yahoo Groups Future
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  1. I’m in favor of pulling the plug. This site is working great for me, and much easier to use than the Yahoo thing.
    Mike, K1DM

  2. My suggestions re the CTRI website/reflector:

    1. Pull the plug on the Yahoo reflector. We don’t need two sites to report on club activities.

    2. Send a drone into cyberspace to eradicate all mention of the previous website that apparently piggybacks the tagline “hamlogsonline.” If you google “CTRI” you are brought to the now dormant website. This is not conducive to recruitment.

    3. Make generic portions of the present W1PN housed website accessible to non-members…. via any search engine, if this is possible. We don’t need a committeee to determine what non-members can see. This is crucial to recruitment.

    My two cents — John, W1XX

  3. If you were to ask the question on the Yahoo reflector, you may get a very different response. I sense that some of the members don’t check this site much. W1XX has some good points to consider. Mike, K1DM

  4. John, very cogent comments.

    As for a committee, that was my suggestion because I don’t have the time to go clear through the site and decide what is of general interest versus members’ only interest. If some individual wants to tackle it that is fine with me. I thought it would be less burdensome for a committee to form and divvy up the work.

    There is no way, that I know of, that we can eradicate the references that already exist in the various search engines. We could (by that I mean some other member, not me) set up a way of intercepting those references and pointing them to the new site, … I think, … in theory.

    At the meeting in November we need to discuss the whole subject of recruitment, who is a ‘member’, who should be a member, how we support the group’s activities, etc. By ‘member’ I mean a member of CTRI CG, not a ‘subscriber’ to the Yahoo Group, or a visitor to the new web site.

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