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POST 2011 ARRL CW Sweepstakes Scores Here avatar

  1. John:
    I added this post to the Contesting Category.

    SOAB HP Unlimited
    Band    QSOs     Pts   Sec
     3.5      99     198    6
       7     196     392   24
      14     150     300    8
      21     137     274   31
      28      98     196   11
    Total    680    1360   80
       Score : 108,800
  2. Call: W1XX
    Operator: W1XX
    Station: W1XX

    Class: Single Op QRP
    QTH: RI
    Operating time (hrs): 24

    Band QSOs
    80: 126
    40: 314
    20: 129
    15: 127
    10: 25
    Total: 721 Sections = 78 Total Score = 112,476

    Club: CTRI Contest Group


    Never heard NE or NT. TNX to VO1MP for calling me late in the contest. 40 meters was as usual my bread and butter band. I couldn’t get anything going on 10….the 6s were loud and easy to work…but nada on trying to get my own run going. 15 seemed better and congestion on 20 was not so bad due to the 10/15 activity. So far on 3830 (it’s early) I’m in the top 10 on QRP. My goal was to make 700 Qs and hold a 30/hr rate: 30 x 24 = 720….and I made 721 Qs. It was painfully slow in the final hours but I remained glued to the chair. CTRIers worked or heard: W1AN, KI1G, W1WBB, W1BYH, K3IU. Hope you all had fun! 73!
    — John, W1XX

  3. Guys — Happy to report a second “Sweep” of all 80 sections from here on Aquidneck Island! The new Hex beam was the difference-maker for me on the upper bands…as well as operating ‘assisted’ (ARRL’s named Unlimited category).

    Completed the sweep with MB as #80 at around 2:15 PM local. Worked VY1EI, also on 10m, an hour and a half earlier for #79 after he left a pile-up. After working all 80 sections lost my ‘mojo’ a bit. Stayed motivated trying for 100K points and working at least two of as many sections as I could to ensure the sweep survives the log-checking process!

    It seems the RI activity by CTRI CG mbrs K3IU, KI1G, W1XX and myself kept us out of the very rare mult category. But I also felt less successful when ‘running’ on a freq. this time…coincidence? I had a few less Q’s this year with over 2 more hours of op time. Maybe I missed some of the easy East Coasters while on the high bands, yet I had few good runs on 40 and 80m when there.

    Funniest (and maybe disturbing ?) moment for me was when a VE4 stn was spotted on 17m SSB Sunday afternoon. A desperate W2-lander in SS QSYed there, talked him through the full exchange, and convinced him to move to 15m for a “contest QSO” just for the MB mult! I listened during my break to the VE4 send his CW exchange at around 5 wpm to the W2 stn with other contesters oblivious to the goings-on. A contester “thinking outside the box”, or not??

    Congrats to Ken on his ‘sweep’ and John on your mighty Q effort, as well as Rick who was quite active…you guys were my 3 RI mults. Who from RI worked NH2T on Guam for the PAC section?? He claimed 79 of 80 mults including RI.

    All in all, great condx and some fine CW ops…much fun. Remember, logs due now early, in just a few weeks!

    73, Bill W1WBB

    ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

    Call: W1WBB
    Operator(s): W1WBB
    Station: W1WBB

    Class: SO Unlimited LP
    QTH: RI
    Operating Time (hrs): 22.5

    Band QSOs
    80: 113
    40: 211
    20: 157
    15: 89
    10: 90
    Total: 660 Sections = 80 Total Score = 105,600

    Club: CT RI Contest Group


    Along with the great solar conditions the new Hex beam up on the tower with its
    top up at 35 ft certainly helped me on the high bands for this US/VE event.

    Achieved the ‘sweep’ finding VE4YU on 10M (who was quite loud) for section #80
    and calling him, after he had called another stn while S & P’ing and had gotten
    no answer! Many thanks OM for a fun moment here!! Still had over 7.5 hours
    left in the contest. With so few VE4’s around I had not been optimistic about
    working that last section. Was called by VE4EAR 3 hours later on 10M while I
    was running for MB #2…thanks Ed!

    Just as exciting was working VY1EI, 1.5 hours earlier on 10M with a booming
    signal from NT, finding him mostly alone after he had apparently just gotten
    out from under another spotting pile-up. **Great job** by Eric doing his best
    to work the masses of stations calling him and being apparently the one primary
    active NT mult for this SS-CW…his post shows he put in close to the maximum 24
    hour effort — much appreciated by so many of us, Eric!

    Last 5 sections worked were OK, DE, UT, NT and finally MB. Only got 1 DE and 1
    NT; only 2 LA, NE, MB and PR. Thanks as well to the ops activitating KP4.

    I struggled a few times with my N1MM logger in ESM mode when dealing with the
    SS exchange window…had to give the ‘.-…’ a few times during periods of
    operator error. Sorry for the QLF moments.

    Great to hear the many FB sigs (and excellent ops) on the upper bands via the
    new beam…should make for a fun contest season here.

    A few of us CTRI Contest Group mbrs did our best to make the ‘Ocean State’ mult
    a little less rare again this year.

  4. A funny story to relate about one of the SS QSOs. At about 1000 local on Sunday morning I was CQing on 15 meters and was answered by N8ZFH who gave me a report of “010 A 93 RI.” I questioned him about the section and he repeated “RI” so that’s how I logged it. Yesterday morning I put the cabrillo log into Excel to do various sorts such as sorting on the Sections. I had four RI QSOs, one of which was N8ZFH. I decided to look him up on QRZ and in the Buckmaster program. BOTH said his QTH was Woodhaven, MI. So I started having doubts about his being in RI. However, I decided that I was pretty confident that he had indeed sent RI and not MI and would leave it as RI. Yesterday afternoon at about 4:30PM, the doorbell rang and there was a gentleman outside who introduced himself as “Gary, N8ZFH.” His full name is GAry Bolla. I had a very nice chat with him and learned that he was at Raytheon and lived in Bristol. He was operating the contest from the Raytheon club station using his call. He said his permanent home was in Michigan, but traveled around the country for Raytheon so he keeps his residence, for FCC purposes, as MI which is why that is where he showed up in the QRZ/Buckmaster search. As I said, we had a very nice chat and I’ll be keeping in touch with him. I didn’t get the impression that he was interested in joining CTRI, so I’m not gonna push it.

  5. Ken, Bill, and John these are great stories and are almost enough to get me to try SS. I would guess that this is one contest you have to set personal goals on seeing as all the high scores seem to come from mid-west or so. Bill, glad you are having a blast with that new Hex Beam (does that cover the WARC bands as well?)and Ken that is really a great story. That is one way to resolve what certainly looked like a busted call.

    My next contest will probably be the CQWW CW contest and then the 10 meter contest. I don’t think I will have 160 meters working again this year but the way conditions have been I don’t think it will be a great loss.

    Again Congrats to all the SS participants!

  6. Jim – Yes, my Hexbeam does cover the WARC bands. Of course, some great DX has been found on 12M and 17M lately. A 6m wire is also offered, which I did not get (no 6m TX here yet), but can be easily added.

    Again, amazing score for you in CQWW SSB…your 10M numbers alone are terrific. Should be *much fun* again in CQWW CW and ARRL 10m ‘tests.

    73, Bill W1WBB

  7. Very nice scores Guys!
    My experience was a little challenging. I had some difficulty running CW macros on my Writelog setup. Most likely a Windows issue. While sending exchanges my PC would mid-stream decide to send an unending stream of gibberish. A little disturbing to say the least. Running under the circumstances was not going to happen here, but I got to be pretty quick on the ESC key! It was too late to switch and try N1MM so I plodded along S&P. My apologies to those who tried to decode the 150WPM sting of what sounded like a combination of CW, packet and RTTY. If anyone has a remedy I would like to know. The problem was noted in the Writelog forum several years back. Sections missed were NT and NLI!

    John, W1AN

    W1AN Single Op LP Assisted "U" Unlimited
    Location: CT
    Contest: ARRL Sweepstakes CW
    CTRI Contest Group
    Score 40,560
    Band   QSOs   Sections
    80       43         11
    40       85         35
    20       73         13
    15       51         17
    10        8          2
    Total   260         78

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