2011 November SS CW Results @ K3IU
2011 November SS CW Results @ K3IU avatar

The 2011 ARRL November Sweepstakes, CW version, is history. This is one of my favorite contests and this year, after many intervening years, I need to get out the broom.  According to the N1MM logger report, my “On Time” was 16:46 (1006 mins). It seemed longer than that to me, but I knew that I’d never make it for the full 24 hours allowed.

I know at least 2 other members were participating because I worked one of them , W1WBB, and heard W1AN as he masterfully busted the early pile up on the VE4 late on Sunday afternoon. I tried for a while to get him, but finally went up to watch the football game. At half time I came back down here and found the pile up not quite so huge. After a couple of attempts, I finally worked the VE4DR at 2240Z on 20 meters. The thing that is so great about that is that MB was my final section for the Clean Sweep! I worked VY1EI  earlier as he wandered around the 10 meter spectrum after trying to sort out the bedlam he was causing. I came across him shortly after he has QSYed to a new frequency and worked him first call. Those were the only 2 sections that I was missing since about 0800 local on Sunday morning.

I operated SOAB HP Unlimited.  Here are my results…

Band        QSOs        Sect

3.5          99           6
7           196          24
14          150           8
21          137          31
28           98          11

Total       680         80

Score  :    108,800

3 comments on “2011 November SS CW Results @ K3IU
2011 November SS CW Results @ K3IU avatar

  1. Hey Ken! What am I: “Chopped liver?” You also worked me. Nice score and snagging the 80. I scoured 10 and 15 for an NT multiplier….heard a horrendous pileup on 060 (think it was on 10)…but it was bedlam. Didn’t even hear who it was. From your info it must have been the VY1. I also missed NE which I now see from 3830 was also pretty rare. Only other close one for me was VO with VO1MP calling me on either 40 or 80…don’t remember which. — John, W1XX

  2. Ken — Well done on the “Sweep”!! My #’s 79 and 80 were also VY1 and VE4. Never cracked a pile-up for either of them. I saw a spot for VY1EI on 10m, heard the massive pile-up, moved about 2-3 KHz up, and there he was! Got him as the 2nd one in line before he was again spotted and the masses descended…he was almost S-9 on the meter!

    Bumped into VE4YU later on 10m while he was S&P…did have the beam pointed up on 300 deg midday Sunday for those two stns.

    Guess its time now for the log-checking to see if things hold up…good luck!

    Bill W1WBB

  3. Sorry, John. No… you’re not chopped liver. This is just another demonstration of the CRS syndrome at the time I posted this report. I think I also worked Rick, KI1G. Yup… I just checked the log and I did work him. My apologies to you both.
    73, Ken K3IU

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