CTRI CG Holiday Party
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Hello contesters!

Gregg’s Restaurant in North Kingstown, RI has been secured for March 23, 2013 at noon. I told them about 30 people would be there, give or take a few. They would appreciate a count so they can set it up properly. As was last year, we will be ordering off the menu.

Best to all,
Chuck -ka1cqr-

CQ WW 160 Meter CW Contest in Progress
CQ WW 160 Meter CW Contest in Progress avatar

I’m half way through the CQWW 160 Meter CW Contest and if you have not been on, conditions have been VERY good.  I put in a couple of hours at the beginning nof the contest starting at 5 PM Friday using my kluge 160 meter vertical…that is…what’s left of it from Hurricane Sandy…plus some added ground level linear loading + coil + tuner in the shack to make it work.  Operated the first couple of hours with only typical results…USA/VE no problem east of the Mississippi…and heard some of the loud EU’s of which only a few could hear me.  So I hit the hay to get back on fresh at 11 PM so as to work EU during their peak time of 11 PM – 3 AM our local  time,.  Fantastic!  EU signals as loud as stateside.  ….answering my CQs.  Stayed up the rest of the night til SR.  Loooked for VK/ZL…no luck, but did get KH6 and CE1.  So if you’re into Top Band…listen tonight especially around midnight.  Worked W1AN, W1CTN, and I don’t think any other CTRI’ers.  Score so far:  Qs = 477; Dom Mults = 51; DX mults = 33; points = 143K;  time on = approx. 9 hours.  Adios! 

— John, W1XX

Carlos’ 2 Element 40m Beam
Carlos’ 2 Element 40m Beam avatar

Jay and I took a 4 hour round trip drive to Salem, NH to pick up Carlos’ “NEW” 2 Element 40m beam.  At HRO, they advised us to check the parts list and the boxes to make sure all the parts were there.  So we did.  GUESS WHAT?!?!  The antenna was USED, missing ALL the X-Hats, parts of the tubing for the elements, dinged, scratched and dented.  HRO is shipping another one from California to their Salem store, and it looks like I’m going to have to take another ride to pick it up, along with another $50 in gas.  Good news is Carlos bought 2 new rotators that shipped out at the beginning of the week, and should be installed by the time we get there.




Bill N1HRA

WPX RTTY Prep at W1AN avatar

While putting together a team to defend our WPX RTTY  NA title (and record) at W1AN, I received an excellent suggestion from Jim, KS1J that we provide one last opportunity to anyone interested in practicing with N1MM/RTTY and (re-)familiarizing themselves with John’s station. To that end, I asked John if he would be willing to open his station this weekend during the BARTG RTTY Sprint, which runs from 1200 UTC Saturday to 1200 UTC Sunday. John has graciously agreed to do that.

If you haven’t operated the BARTG contests, they’re a lot of fun and usually have a great deal of activity. The Sprint does have a Multi category but we are more concerned with folks coming down and getting comfortable with the operation rather than “contesting” per se. Of course, you can always just drop in and chat for a while, too. I’ll bring doughnuts, and John always has plenty of coffee.

I’d appreciate it if those interested in putting in some time at John’s station would let me know either here or via email when they plan on being here so John and I can plan our time. I intend on being there early (0700 local perhaps) to help John with whatever needs to be done in preparation for WPX RTTY, but doubt that I can spend the entire day there.

15 days to go!


Pat, NG1G


Sponsored Plaques
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I did a little research on what plaques the club membership has agreed to sponsor. This list has no bearing on what plaques we are actually paying for now, but is an expression of the club’s past desire to sponsor certain plaques. It gives us a baseline from which we can make future financial decisions. For each plaque I’ve included the last year I could verify our sponsorship, according to the various sponsors’ results articles/rules, and the cost, if known.

For reference, please see messages #7105 and #5044 on the CTRI Yahoo! Group site. I can’t find reference to specific sponsored plaques in any minutes of the meetings for which I found records.


Pat, NG1G


ARRL DX Phone #181 (New England SOLP) – last sponsored in 2011 ($75)

ARRL RTTY Roundup #28 (New England SOLP) – last sponsored in 2012 ($75)

NEQP (RI SO) – currently sponsored ($40)

CQ WPX RTTY (M2 USA) – last sponsored in 2012 ($65)

ARRL SS Phone #104 (New England SOLP) – last sponsored in 2009 ($75)

NAQP January SSB (New England SOLP) – no historical info on NCJ web site, but we are not currently a sponsor ($75?)

CQ WPX SSB  – I can verify that we have not sponsored this plaque since at least 2005, perhaps before then. ($65?)

CTRI Intra-Club Contest ($50 ea.)



Latest results – 2012 IARU HF Championship and ARRL SS CW are out
Latest results – 2012 IARU HF Championship and ARRL SS CW are out avatar

Latest results for these two major HF contests have just been published and can be found here:   www.arrl.org/contest-results-articles    Just click on the contest of interest.

Ken K3IU and I helped keep RI just out of the Top Ten Most Rare sections on CW in Sweepstakes this past year.  Activity was strong locally in SS SSB and those results are pending.  GL to those playing in the ARRL VHF contest and NAQP SSB this weekend.

73,  Bill  W1WBB



CWWW WPX RTTY 2012 Winners
CWWW WPX RTTY 2012 Winners avatar

It has been nearly a year since members Ken Wagner K3IU, John Spigel W1AN, Mike McKaughan K1DM, Pat Atwood NG1G, and Ed Haskell W1PN gathered at W1AN for the 2012 CQ Worldwide WPX RTTY Contest. Most of these OPs were members of the 2011 CPWW WPX RTTY team that won for North America with a US record setting score.


Winning OPs from left: K3IU, W1AN, K1DM, NG1G, W1PN
Winning OPs from left: K3IU, W1AN, K1DM, NG1G, W1PN


Evidence of our win
Evidence of our win


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