CTRI Field Day 2017:  Final Update #3
CTRI Field Day 2017:  Final Update #3 avatar

By John Lindholm, W1XX

 Field Day Site:  47 Peeptoad Rd., North Scituate, RI, Seagrave Observatory

Field Day Dates:  Sat – Sun, June 24 – 25


Well folks, Field Day is almost upon us – this coming Sat-Sun, June 24 – 25.  It will be a fun event to which any and all are invited to join us.

Last Thursday. K1DM, K1SD, and W1XX largely cleared out the overgrown field of brush where the 40/20 wire beam is installed with a rope boom between huge trees.  Getting this antenna airborne will be project #1 Field Day morning and requires multi-hands to tie down the inverted-V elements.  W1XX, KW2G and K1SD will shoot lines over trees this upcoming Friday (10 AM)  prior to FD.

      We need all hands on deck on Saturday morning at 9 AM.  Advisory:  Bring long pants, work boots, bug spray with DEET.

       CTRI’s KE1S will be in the 2 transmitter class plus 6 meters and GOTA station – all at 100 watts from a generator.  Additional antennas are an 80 meter dipole, 6 meter Moxon, Triband beam, and GOTA antennas for 20 and 40.  All stations are set up indoors in the Seagrave assembly hall.

Our esteemed Commissary Captain KB1RFJ needs a final headcount on meals.  If you have not already been counted at the recent club meeting or responded to the website menu – wa1rr [dot] org – please e-mail Mike directly at:     visich4zoo@gmail.com

Indicate your presence at the following meals:  Sat lunch, Sat dinner, Sun lunch.

A word about operating goals.  We are a contest club.  We aim to be competitive.  At the same time we will have ample assistance to anyone needing help to gain familiarity with the radio or logging program.  Field Day should be a learning experience.

Bring a 5-spot for the best guess total QSO raffle.

Have fun!