2017 SSCW Contest Results
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Don’t know if anyone besides me and XX operated in this contest. Didn’t hear you, John. Mid-level effort from here with about 9.6 hours BIC time. Managed to almost get a clean sweep, but missed NNY, VI, EWA and MB. Heard nothing on 10, 15 was open nicely on Sunday afternoon, but as usual for me, it was a 2 band contest… 40 meters and the rest of them. About half of my Qs were 40m.
73, Ken K3IU

Band  QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
 3.5    5   10   0  2.0
   7  153  306  35  2.0
  14   95  190  24  2.0
  21   65  130  20  2.0
Total 318  636  79  2.0
 Score : 50,244

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  1. Call: W1XX
    Op: W1XX
    Station: W1XX

    Class: Single Op QRP
    QTH: RI
    Op Time hrs): 18.8

    Band QSOs
    80: 54
    40: 347
    20: 104
    15: 19
    Total: 524 Sections = 76 Score = 79,648

    Club: CTRI Contest Group

    It took to my 500th QSO to work my only RI: K1MD…never heard you either, Ken. I thought I was a lone quahog. Did QRP again hoping to work the full 24 hours and score 100K. The first 12 hours went swimmingly – way ahead of last year’s effort. Had a ginormous 90+ hour pileup Saturday night on 7070 with folks sweating out a RI Q. Not so good on Sunday. By noon, could not stand S & P’ing the same worked stations before the crushing blow was delivered by my only possible EWA Q who said I was “too weak” and moved on. It was then I decided to take a much needed nap and plan on pizza later at our favorite pizza parlor before the contest was over. …KW phone in two weeks!

  2. I had big plans to operate SS CW for the first time in a while. But those changed when that storm knocked down a tree, smashed my vertical, tore down my Inverted L and left me with a ton of cleanup work. Spend most of the week and all day Friday and Saturday picking up debris and getting estimates on tree removal. Those guys are booked until December, no surprise. Meanwhile, when I did listen, the storm must have loosened a bunch of insulators because the QRN is S9+10. I won’t even attempt to call National Grid on this for a couple of weeks seeing as they are still pretty busy.

    Hope to be on the air for CQWW CW at Thanksgiving time but not sure now.

    John I had no idea you even knew how to spell QRP!

    JIm KS1J

    John, I

  3. Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
    3.5 39 78 13 2.0
    7 19 38 12 2.0
    14 27 54 17 2.0
    21 11 22 8 2.0
    Total 96 192 50 2.0
    Score: 9,600

    Hi all, this is my first post. I met several of you at Field Day.
    Well I was going to apologize for my 3 hr. minimal QRP effort, but seeing as I was not alone among club members in the category, I won’t 🙂 But as for NE qrp, W1QK was “Q” and had a ridiculously high nr on Sat. night–but hasn’t posted on 3830 yet. Highlight, having K9CT reply to a cq. Lowlight, logging RI by eking out multiple repeats on 80 with K1VSJ , 10 miles away. Could not buy a mult Sun. evening to get up to 10k–VA, MDC, VA, MDC…

    Sorry about the damage Jim. My tree supported doublet was sagging a bit afterward, and when I pulled on the halyard, down came the rope. But the ant. stayed up, jammed somewhere up there in the branches. So I’ll just play on and wait I guess.

    Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
    3.5 39 78 13 2.0
    7 19 38 12 2.0
    14 27 54 17 2.0
    21 11 22 8 2.0
    Total 96 192 50 2.0
    Score: 9,600

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