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  1. This is a must reading document for any contester. I do disagree slightly with the author on one small point, namely sending “NR” on CW to start the exchange….I advocate it. As suggested in the treatise, it is a way of letting the receiving station know: “get ready to copy.” On phone starting the exchange with saying “number” also gets things off on the right foot with a minimum of repeats. Hope we see a bunch of CTRI’ers on this weekend. GL. — John, W1XX

  2. I absolutely do agree with you John regarding sending “NR” in the CW contest. I always include it. It gets the receiving station brain queued up to be ready to copy.. Can’t speak to the Phone side. :-))
    Good luck to all this weekend. 73, Ken K3IU

  3. Guess we’ll put our results here, why not?

    Call:  W1XX
    Ops:   K1XA W1XX
    Station:  W1XX
    Class:  Multi-Op HP
    QTH:    RI
    Op Time (hrs):  24
    Band QSOs
    80:  350
    40:  728
    20:  321
    15:   40
    Total:  1439 Sections = 83  Total Score = 238,874
    Club: CTRI Contest Group

    K1XA from the Hartford area joined me again for SS Phone. Always fun. The value of a simple 80 meter dipole was proven as the newly installed antenna outpaced 20 meters for number of Qs. 40 meters was the usual workhorse. Lotsa folks missed the PR multiplier but we managed to get it and all 83.for a clean sweep. RI stations were few and far between. Worked only WA1BXY at QSO six-hundred something and KS1J somewhat later. Jim loaded up the handle of his rake while cleaning up yard debris from the recent devastating wind storm; he was weak. I see K1VSJ also posted a score on 3830. RI stations can create a feeding frenzy in a contest like SS. Happy Thanksgiving (during the CQWW DX) weekend to all. — John, W1XX

  4. 2017 ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB
    Call: W1AN
    Operator(s): W1AN
    Station: W1AN
    Class: SO Unlimited HP
    QTH: CT
    Operating Time (hrs): 9.5
     Band  QSOs
       80:   68
       40:  178
       20:  158
       15:   12
    Total:  416  Sections = 83  Total Score = 69,056
    Club: CT RI Contest Group

    Found conditions pretty good. Low noise on the bands, but forced to use the beverages to cut down some man made QRM.
    Last station for the sweep was NP4G on 40M. Tough ones were NL and ONN. Worked W1XX in RI.
    My new aviation style headset cuts out much of the background noise and doesn’t squash the ears like the Heils.
    Ordered a second for station 2. Should be hear in time for CQ CW.
    Congrats to W1XX and K1XA on the fine score. Ken did pretty good too.

  5. Better late than never. Maybe next year I’ll go with some pre-recorded stuff. I actually did enjoy this but could not sustain it for long.
    all: KS1J
    Operator(s): KS1J
    Station: KS1J

    Class: SO Unlimited LP
    QTH: RI
    Operating Time (hrs):
    Summary: Compare Scores
    Band QSOs
    160: 0
    80: 0
    40: 111
    20: 67
    Total: 178 Sections 65 Total Score 23,140

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