2017 CQWW CW Contest Results
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Guess I’ll start things rolling. Please report your contest results here. Don’t know how many operated, but I worked John, W1XX, on 80m at about 0600 local on Sunday morning. Didn’t hear/work any other club members. I kept my butt-in-chair for about 9 hours. Not my best ever effort, but I’ll take it! 73, Ken K3IU

       Band     QSOs     Pts   ZN  Cty  Pt/Q
         3.5      21      42    8   14   2.0
           7      73     205   15   39   2.8
          14     217     623   21   76   2.9
          21     117     324   17   61   2.8
          28       3       9    3    3   3.0
       Total     431    1203   64  193   2.8

Score : 309,171


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2017 CQWW CW Contest Results avatar

  1. Call: W1XX
    Class: SOAB HP
    Op Time: Not a lot

    Band QSOs Zones Countries
    160: 4 4 3
    80: 66 14 36
    40: 114 17 43
    20: 123 11 46
    15: 40 12 30
    10: 4 2 2
    Total: 359 60 160 Total Score – 220,880

    Club: CTRI Contest Group


    Five contest weekends sandwiched around a club meeting is a bit much. So CQWW DX CW was an enjoyable respite of leisure operating with the focus on S & P. Did not miss watching the Patriots or three college basketball games and got a good night’s sleep both Friday and Saturday. The bands were crowded with CW signals so finding stations to call was not difficult. Twenty meters had signals all the way up to 14,125. That’s where I heard KS1J in the nosebleed section. Congrats Jim on 1.9M points on LP. He must have done some antenna repair work. K3IU called me. No other CTRI calls heard. Question: what up with those AK-47 sounding signals that aren’t just fast, but have shortened up the “dah”? Is this something new I’ve missed again? This really tries to take advantage of having a “no exchange contest, which this is. ARRL 160 next weekend!

  2. I hoped to beat last year’s score and was ahead of the game until Sunday after 11:00 AM local at which time the bottom fell out and both 15 and 20 seemed devoid of EU’s. The usual SA suspects were there but not half as strong as they normally are. There are a couple of hours in my log with less than 20 Q’s. But right at the end of the contest, however, 40 meters exploded with tons of EU and even my LP station could work them (well, some of them). Usually I have to wait on 40 until 0000 UTC to get heard. (With 80, I normally have no luck until 0200.) Like last year I put this score in for YCCC. For CTRI, I normally put in SS (when I do it), ARRL and CW 160M, ARRL 10 and all RTTY contests. For the record, I did beat last year’s score but not by much. Overall, I had fun working some relatively rare (for contests) African stations and Pacific. But didn’t hear any Asia this time, including BY-land. However, I might have missed the opening and suspect it was short seeing as I worked a bunch of JA’s in a half hour period and then they were gone.

    BTW, I think it was EF8R (among others) using the 400 wpm accelerator on their exchanges.

  3. SOSB(A) QRP 80: 57 q’s, 140 points, 10 zones, 33 countries = 6020

    Why operate qrp on 80?
    I have this project of 5BDXCC, via LOTW, with qrp (sometimes 10w) and a dipole. All I need is 7 more confirmed on 80. So with that demented logic I pursued this category. 80m qrp is a slog, I called who knows how many Eu stns to work only 19. I can only imagine what the band sounds like over there. They were louder and less fluttery than last year but I still could rarely get heard. Seemed to be a lot more Carib/SA mults active however.
    I lucked onto HQ9X before the pileup arrived. I always easily work the KH6’s, even though they are weaker than most Eu stns. Who can figure. ZM4T was heard weakly, and got buried immediately, and JA0QNJ right at noise level, so maybe everyone had trouble with Pacific. Towards the end I played a bit on 20 and caught 9G5W. In the end I only added 9Y4 to my total on 80m, but a couple hours after it ended there was ES5/DK6SP, needed and worked on one call. Meanwhile it sounded like everyone on 40 was having a blast. Enough of 80, I’ll spend money on the last few qsl’s! 73, Dave

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