2018 CQ 160M Phone Contest Results
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2018 CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB

Call: W1AN
Operator(s): W1AN
Station: W1AN

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 10.5

Total:  QSOs = 374  State/Prov = 42  Countries = 25  Total Score = 72,963

Club: CT RI Contest Group

Conditions were better on Friday night but had a late start. A slow slog later
the next night. I had my fingers crossed, but the big EU opening Saturday nite
did not happen for me. W1XX, W1CTN are in the log.

T-Vertical made from window/ladder line, ~16 radials on the ground.
Beverages to EU and JA. Another to EU that worked amazingly well to west and South.
K3 and AL1200
73, John W1AN

5 comments on “2018 CQ 160M Phone Contest Results
2018 CQ 160M Phone Contest Results avatar

  1. No score from here. 🙁
    I couldn’t even work W1XX on Sat evening. Called him several times , but my half 80M dipole that is in the air just couldn’t get a signal across the bay.
    73, Ken K3IU

  2. Call: W1XX
    Op/Station: W1XX
    Class: Single Op Non-assisted HP
    Op Time: 22

    QSOs = 807 States/Prov = 58 Countries = 44
    Total Score = 257,754

    Club: CTRI Contest Group

    Condx-wise this was not for the faint of heart. If interested, my somewhat extensive comments on 3830Scores DOT com. Worked CTRIers: W1AN, W1CTN, K1SX (QRP). Worked only 3 RI stations. Sorry I missed you Ken. If you need help to get the other end of that 80 meter dipole in the tree let me know. We could turn that into a 160 antenna…perhaps make it switchable. Could be fun project. This weekend, ARRL DX Phone. Let’s make a good CTRI showing.

  3. Contest addiction–I almost never do SSB contests, but I thought I would turn it on just to see what a phone contest on 160 looked like. Then I tuned a few signals to see who was loud. Then I heard W1AN, so I thought I ought to throw him a point. However my inverted-L feedline has some nicks and lies on the ground so I bring it back in the house during heavy wet weather. So I tried forcing the 135′ doublet to tune, and by the time I got it set John was gone. But there were so many loud signals I couldn’t resist. I ended up with 13×9 in about 25 minutes, as far as PEI and Ohio, and I did give a point to W1XX! So it is do-able with 5 watts & I suppose being in the northeast helps.
    as for qrp, see ZF9CW’s comments on 3830.

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