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  1. Time/Date: Friday 1 PM. QTH: South County. Situation: Near hurricane winds. Things seemed to be holding up OK until about an hour ago as gusts ticked up a notch. Tower antennas are parked 90 degrees to the NNE to minimize 40 meter Yagi element bending. So far so good. The 160 meter vertical — always under threat — was beginning to take too much punishment. So I braved going outside to see if I could tighten up the top North facing guy. After much struggling I was able to tighten it up. Situation presently under control. It is really wicked nasty out. Was expecting to do 80 meter single band in the contest. The 80 meter dipole is down and not sure of the condition of the 4-square in the woods. We’ll see how things are at 7PM tonight. A couple of flickers, but have not lost power. How is everyone and antennas holding up where you are? Stay safe. 73. — John, W1XX

  2. Lots of wind here. Neighbor across street lost a large limb on his 80+ foot fir tree. Lights have been flickering and ups’s have been beeping all day. I did venture out a bit on foot to experience it all when the rain had tapered off. We’ll see what the evening brings, but I don’t expect to put much time in the chair tonite Should be better tomorrow/Sunday if anyone wants to come by.
    Hope we all get through unscathed.
    73, John W1AN

  3. 3:45 PM Friday. We just got a mega burst of wind. OMG, the 160 antenna just folded in half. Jeeeez.

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