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  1. Some family stuff going on this weekend. Expect to stop by sometime but no idea when….it’ll be spur of the moment. — John, W1XX

  2. Lars, look for us as KE1S. We will operate as Multi Single. Still looking for more ops so we can do an M2.
    John W1AN

  3. Didn’t put as much time in as last year and stayed pretty much on 20. Why change bands if 20 is open and Q’s can still be made? Friday and Saturday were too nice to sit in front of the radio so most activity on Sunday.

    As usual, was Single Op Low Power Assisted All Band.
    Posted to 3830 for CTRI so hope to see other scores there!

    73 Jim KS1J

    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

    Call: KS1J
    Operator(s): KS1J
    Station: KS1J

    Class: SO(A)AB LP
    QTH: RI
    Operating Time (hrs): 10

    Band QSOs
    160: 0
    80: 0
    40: 56
    20: 545
    15: 21
    10: 0
    Total: 622 Prefixes = 489 Total Score = 866,508

    Club: CT RI Contest Group

  4. 2018 CQWW WPX Contest, CW
    Call: KE1S
    Operator(s): W1AN W1XX
    Station: W1AN
    Class: M/S HP
    QTH: CT
    Operating Time (hrs): 24
     Band  QSOs
       80:   41
       40:  341
       20:  685
       15:  136
    Total: 1203  Prefixes = 727  Total Score = 2,586,666
    Club: CT RI Contest Group

    W1XX and I operated as a Multi Single with only limited hours. We need more CW ops! I was surprised by nice 20M conditions through the first nite with openings to Asia and EU at same time. Unfortunately I stayed up much later than I should have which made me almost useless much of the remainder of the contest. I did recover for a few hours Sunday to pick up some much needed Qs. Generally real good conditions all weekend considering the low sunspot activity. Worked KS1J and NN1AA(KE1J). Who else was on?

  5. CQWW WPX Contest, CW

    Call: NN1AA
    Operator(s): KE1J
    Station: K1IR

    Class: SOSB40 HP
    Operating Time (hrs):

    Band QSOs
    40: 1494
    Total: 1494 Prefixes = 717 Total Score = 4,327,812

    Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


    Thanks to Jim & Sue for letting me play!

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