Field Day 2018: Satellite Challenge
Field Day 2018: Satellite Challenge avatar

By John Lindholm, W1XX

Field Day 2018 – June 23-24 – is the highlight activity of the CTRI Contest Group. Getting everyone engaged is a hallmark of our Field Day.  2018 will be no exception. 

   Our operating venue is courtesy of “Skyscrapers” of the Seagrave Memorial Observatory in North Scituate. We will be rolling out details as we get closer to the actual start. Some prep is well underway. 

   Ken, K3IU, is assembling the new “folding antenna” hex-beam recently purchased by the club.  Radios are earmarked from K3IU, KE1J, K1JSM and computers from W1AN.  KS1J is a GOTA captain. KB1RFJ is the Commissary Captain. Generator de KB1RFJ with backup de K1JSM.  Etc., etc. We’ve done this several years running, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.   But right now I’d like to put out a challenge for someone in the club to see that we get a satellite QSO for extra bonus points. 

   The June issue of QST (p. 61) has a neat how-to article by KX9X on FD satellite operation.  It has an easy to follow “Intro to FM Satellites.”  Check it out.  We’ve got a little over a month for someone or maybe more to gear up.  Read the article and see if you want to give it a try.  It could even be a club project with “Educational Activity” bonus points for Field Day.  Post your comments of interest here. 

   Much more Field Day stuff to follow. 73!