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  1. This will be the last meeting prior to Field Day. So it would be good if everyone could be at the meeting to get all the latest FD poop.
    First though…Pat NG1G and Mike K1DM and yours truly will be at the FD site to clear brush on the back 40…this Saturday June 9 starting at 9 AM. “Bob” from Skyscrapers will be there with the keys. The back 40 is the site of the 40/20 wire beam…3 elements on 40 and 2 elements on 40…that gives us a great signal on those two bands. But the brush grows up each year and needs to be cleared with gas powered weed-wackers.
    If anyone would like to drop by and see our Field Day site while we are there Saturday, you are most welcome. Address: 47 PeepToad Road, North Scituate. Long pants, boots, and bug spray with DEET required.
    Be sure your calendar is marked for Field Day June 23 – 24 (setup starting at 9 AM) and the June 16 meeting announced here. 73! — John, W1XX, FD Chairman

  2. Please see my previous comments re Field Day. This is the last meeting prior to Field Day, so I hope all can attend.

    We will have update reports re the following:
    1. Brush clearing at the Seagrave Observatory site.
    2. Testing of the new “Folding Antenna” Hex-beam.
    3. Food service head count taken.
    4. Last minute details.

    Last year we had 26 member/guest participants and over 2000 QSOs — both records for our club. Everyone pitching in has been our strength. That is a tradition worth continuing.

    CTRI Field Day — with all hands on deck — starts at 9 AM, Saturday June 23, at the Seagrave Observatory, 47 PeepToad Rd., North Scituate. Priority one is the 40/20 wire beam “monster” antenna that requires “10-to-the-8th” hands to raise. Meanwhile the stations are being set up inside. It’s a cooperative effort. We’ll see you all there.

    Two closing thoughts: (1) Bring a “fin” for the raffle; (23) Be sure not to say :please copy” on phone.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Very sorry to miss the meeting this morning. My flight was canceled at the last minute last night and no other alternatives.

    I will be in RI all week (arrive PVD 17 June) and can support some last minute actions (brush clearing, antenna testing, commissary commissar support). I will be at Seagrave on Saturday for opening ceremonies.

    Mike: Count me in for the “Food service head count”

    73 James K1SD/4

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