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  1. Also as a reminder, if you plan on helping to raise the beam you will need a hardhat and gloves. We’ll probably have a few extra hardhats so if you don’t have one don’t worry. Gloves will be needed to put up the wire beam as well.

    Insect repellent is your friend, to ward off both mosquitoes and ticks.

    I recommend a change of clothes and a towel, as we will almost certainly get drenched.

    NWS is calling for showers this morning and possible thunderstorms this afternoon. We will need to keep the weather in mind as we erect antennas. Lightning in the area will require us to curtail outside and on-air operations until it has passed. FD is not worth getting electrocuted over or worth losing equipment.

    If you have a smartphone you can download the NWS NOW app from the Google Play Store.

    Pat, NG1G

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