Antennas down in storm
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Thanks Dave for the reminder. However, A very large tree came down in my yard at 3pm Thursday taking all my wire antennas with it. I will spend all day Friday putting up something for the Stew on Saturday. Its a fun low pressure contest. Andy (ab1bx)

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Antennas down in storm avatar

  1. Awww that is bad timing, as it usually is. But hopefully it was only antennas. In fact my inv-L came part way down over the summer and like you I’ll be trying to pull ropes over branches tomorrow. gl–

  2. Sorry to hear that Andy. I lost my 88′ doublet in the same storm (my go-to 40m, 80m & 30m antenna), with the major support tree branch up at 75′ collapsing along with another major limb … a big mess. Yes, GL to all in making repairs! 73, Bill W1WBB

  3. We just got power back at ~ 6 PM Friday…after two days without power. Ran the generator for the fridge.
    But no antenna damage thank God. Sorry to hear that some of you were not so lucky. Anyone needing help with antennas (especially wire antennas) we are available to help. GL. 73. — John, W1XX

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