Stew Perry TBDC K1SX
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74 qso’s–285 points acc. to N1MM.

60 watts to 65/65′ inv L with 16 radials

FB to see 3 CTRI ops posted on 3830.
I got my inverted L back up over a good high branch Friday morning. It seemed to be doing well as I got LY and YL both that evening, but Sat. for the contest there were few Eu to be heard on the L and only one worked. VE6 was my best to west, wkd on Sun. am even tho he was louder Sat. night. K index did come up a bit but many commented on the good conditions, all I can say is this band is still mysterious. Got 60w from my homemade contraption–better than the QRP struggle but still , many loud stations could not hear me. Maybe a beverage for Dec. –assuming there are other LP stations with receive antennas that I miss now.

Congrats KA1J for an amazing QRP score. I see he was singled out by KV4FZ for his effort. But Gary you could not hear me! The circle 8 must really do its job. AB1BX did get in the log, tnx Andy!

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Stew Perry TBDC K1SX avatar

  1. Update–my q with LY7Z made it past the crosscheck. KA1J worked OM2VL, who could not hear me, with 5 watts.

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