N1MM Locks-Up when trying to “New Log in Database: XXXXXX”
Mike Visich

Trying to get ready for CQ WPX SSB this weekend with N1MM. I create a NEW DATABASE, and then try to create a LOG in that database and BOOM! N1MM just locks up!

It’s still running – taking up ~3% of the CPU but frozen. Like a window is open somewhere but not available OR it’s trying to open a window somewhere and not able to…

Otherwise, N1MM works great. Before I try to create a new LOG, N1MM is able to control the FLEX by changing bands and tracking frequencies in SO2R mode. Amazing.

Any suggestions? Would really like to do that contest since I’m in lock-down.

73 Mike

2 comments on “N1MM Locks-Up when trying to “New Log in Database: XXXXXX”
Mike Visich


    Got help from the FLEX Forum, ALT F4 – who knew!

    Will be on the air this weekend!!

    *For accurate nautical meaning, ask CAPT K3IU Ken

  2. Hmmmm… I have never experienced that problem of N1MM locking up. When you pressed ALT-F4 in Windoz, it will send a signal to close the active window. If N1MM was the active window, that would have caused an EXIT and N1MM would bring up the l’il window app asking if you wanted to Exit. I guess the original situation did not reappear when you restarted the N1MM+ program.

    Somewhere around the house I have a belaying pin that came from a fairly large square rigger that I once sailed on.

    Good luck in the contest ! ! ! !

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