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This weekend features the SP DX contest and several state QSOP’s.

I also notice the RSGB has started a series of daily contest activities called the Hope QSO Party. These will be in the morning for us. The idea is mutual encouragement, which we all could use! There is something every weekday, with rotating modes. It starts April 6.

–Dave K1SX

Update:  This week’s Friday event is 1430-1600Z, CW.  3830 says that somebody fired up W1KM and made a bunch of q’s earlier this week.

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  1. This weekend I tried the SP DX contest for ~4 hours, but wasn’t really heard in Poland much on 100W on Saturday.

    While my beam was pointed toward Poland, I heard a lot of calls for the MS & MO QSO Parties. But you look at 3830 Scores for the MS QSO Party there are only 3 stations that got above 30 Q’s. So my question is which of these state parties are worth the time? I am guessing the turn-out for the ND QSO Party next weekend will be even less. FLA QSO Party is coming up on the 25th – is that a big one? Lots of old hams in FLA. The 7QP QSO Party on May 2nd – which encompasses 7 states – is that big? Anyone have any thoughts? Other than NEQP being the best.

    I did the NA SSB Sprint Saturday night for the first time – took a little getting used to, but IT WAS A BLAST! Talked to Bill – not have these BIG GUN stations sitting on a frequency is such a paradigm-shift! A LOT OF FUN!!

  2. The FLQP and 7QP are busy usually, especially FL since prop from here to there is pretty robust. I made 50 some q’s last year.
    If you’re brave and you like the QSY rule, there are the Thurs. night NCCC CW sprints, 30 mins long. They are at 10:30 during DST unfortunately and the adrenaline keeps me up way after.

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